8 ways to restore a lost HP Android signal

Android is a rising, Linux-based operating system, so many smartphone companies use this operating system to embed it into its products. Besides being easy to use, Android also has many advantages in terms of its features. But of course there are some smartphones that are affected by the disease loss signal, certainly can irritated to its users.

This time MAS will share how to restore the lost signal instantaneously on your smartphone, of course in a way that is easy to understand and also more simple.

Before that let's know some key factors why your smartphone signal is suddenly disappeared, here are some key factors:


1. The signal is not available in your area.

You need to know that the SIM CARD that you use using any brand and also whether in your area there are towers from the company SIM CARD, if not there then it's normal if your smartphone does not appear as signal yes.

2. Your HP is error.

With a lot of features, Android operating system will also arise problems, especially if you use it too long, it could be your system error. And also besides the system try to recall-recall whether your smartphone has ever fallen or clash with other hard objects, this can cause damage to your smartphone hardware of course.

3. Missing signal arising?

Okay I will explain, of course in the settings of your smartphone there are settings to set the signal capture (e.g. WCDMA ONLY, 3G ONLY, 2G ONLY, LTE ONLY, 4G ONLY etc.). As in the number one point above that some areas of course still exist that have not support for some of these signals, it causes your smartphone to be difficult to look for signals and can even be lost.

4. Weather factors

Surely you know yourself about this problem, weather that does not support can cause a loss of signal on your smartphone. For example, when it rains, the signal will be slightly weakened compared to the weather signal in your area is sunny?

5. Repairs by SIM CARD operator

It is likely that the operator would like to fix the tower or add the latest features they would extinguish the power for its technical security. Obviously this will affect your signal.

Well that's some major factor why your smartphone signal disappears by itself, well now MAS will discuss how to restore the signal as originally.


1. ON/OFF flight mode.

Please activate the flight mode and wait for a few minutes, then turn it off again. It is done of course to restart your smartphone network.

2. Change network mode.

Use a supportive network in your area, if your region support 3G network use WCDMA, if 4G then use LTE, this I have discussed on the factors causing signal loss in point number 3 above.

3. Look for areas that support/reach the network.

This is based on the experience of some of my friends, somewhere the signal will disappear and when switching the signal will appear and even full. Well, for that you are looking for a place that supports the operator signal you use.

4. Check your SIM CARD installation and state.

The loss of the signal may be affected by the improper installation of the SIM card on your smartphone and also the damage of your brass SIM card.

5. Replace the new SIM CARD.

This point will certainly be able to spend your costs. Buy a SIM card with a supportive operator in your area...

6. Reset Mobile?

Yes for this point is an easier way and also does not cost a penny. You can hld your smartphone to get back to factory default settings. This is done because there is usually an inappropriate setting.

7. Flash your Smartphone.

If the reset still does not appear signal, you can use this way. Flash your smartphone in order for your Android system to come back as early. The difference with resetting, the flash will restore some corrupted system files or errors.

8. Change hardware/service.

For this way is the most final way according to MAS for your signal back, there may be hardware on your smartphone that is damaged, so I recommend for service only yes...

Well that's some way to restore your lost smartphone signal, please apply and do not forget if anyone wants to be asked please comment on Baah ya guys, hopefully this CAL article useful for you guys.

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