5 Android features that are rarely used but are actually very useful

The Android operating system is indeed an OS that is full of customization access. Therefore, many are infatuated with Android smartphones compared to other operating system phones. However, do you know? Many Android features that you do not use even if it is very useful loh.

True, there are actually many useful Android features, but you rarely use them as they should. What are the features about it? In this article, Jaka will discuss 5 Android features that you rarely use.

5 Android features that are rarely used but are actually very useful


Have you ever lost your Android smartphone somewhere? When you know your phone is lost, you'll have a very panic and stress. But, if you know what Android Device Manager is, you're definitely not too panicked.

Android Device Manager itself is made for Android operating system 5.0 or above. Using this feature, you can find out where your device is or even can erase crucial data as security.

To use it, you live to the Settings > Security > Device Administrator > enable Android Device Manager.


Do you want to have a stranger? You don't probably dong can use arbitrarily, let alone use every application. Therefore, the most profitable Android advantage is that you can add an account again to become a new profile.

Well, later in the profile on the smartphone, you can set up and install any application without having to change the default settings in the previous account. Unfortunately, this feature stops on Android 5.0 operating systems only.

To use it, you go to Settings > User > select Add User. Since Jaka uses Xiaomi smartphones, he is the name of Guest Mode.


It must be annoying if someone is using your smartphone and check every thing on the phone. Therefore, you have to protect it well by using the Screen Pinning feature. What is it?

Basically, this feature will make users who are ignorant can only open certain applications. In fact, the Home, Back, and Recent buttons are also unresponsive. That way you can restrict users who like Samaja when open-open your smartphone.

To use it, you go to Settings > Security > Screen Pinning and activate the feature. Next, you open the app you want to pin, keep the Recent button pressed and select the pin icon in the bottom right corner.


Sometimes, as a human being you'll still be worried about whether your Android smartphone's security level is really good or not. Well, if not, you can add your level of security through Smart Lock.

Yes, this is the advanced security that is the default Android. You can also customize it and set what's appropriate for your use. So, smartphones will more recognize the sound, place, even the body though.

To use it, you must first activate the key with Pattern or Password mode. Then, Settings > Trusted Agents > Smart Lock is enabled. For customization, Settings > Smart Lock.


For those of you who have already updated or have a smartphone with the operating system Android 6.0 Marshmallow, you will be more freely tweaking your Android phone. Because Google has provided more features and one of them is Notification Priority.

What is it? This way, when you get a notification from a specific app, the notification will be prioritized by being in the top position. So, you don't need to scroll through your notification window to search for it.

To use it, you go to Settings > Apps > Select one of the apps > select Notifications > enable Priority.

That's 5 Android features that are rarely used but they are very useful for you. Have you been there using one of the Android smartphone features above? Share your opinion yes, Brader!

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