How to solve Android Download yourself when Conect Internet

How to solve Android hp often download itself when the Internet connection is live? When Android phone is connected with Internet popping application that automatically updates without our consent, then why Android download the application itself. Whether your Android smartphone has ever experienced updating its own version of the app or appearing pop up annoying ads. So of course we want to know how to overcome Android that automatically download itself, because if the problem of applications often install itself in an unresolved Android HP can result in the extravaging of our internet quota.

Android installs its own application which is not sure it is very annoying for us and that definitely makes us think if our smartphone is hit by a virus. If the cause of the application installed itself in Android is not immediately found, this gives rise to one of the most influential effects that the more rapidly drained quota due to the use of data that is not our own control. In addition, the application that appears itself on the Android screen makes us uncomfortable when operating it.

Therefore we will share information about how to stop automatic download in Android. Here I give a little help solution to overcome the Android app install itself, please follow the How:

There is a possibility when HP Android which often download the application itself is exposed to viruses, and here we will try to share causes Android always update the application:

The first cause of a Virus, a Smartphone that is often downloaded and the application itself can be sure to reach a virus. The application will be automatically downloaded and installed in the SNOWFOXCR folder. You can access the folder via the path, External Storage – Android – Data – SNOWFOXCR.

Usually the problem Android install this own application overwrite on Android phones that still use Mediatek (MTK) processor.

Then the cause of the application is automatically downloaded by your Android phone next is you've installed an application other than the Play Store Google. It could be that the application that you download is not through Google Play is likely to bring viruses that can cause your smartphone to download and instruct the application without being told. Often times installed applications automatically are UC Web Browser, launcher theme, clean master,

Then the last one, there is a possibility of an Android Smartphone that you have not installed an anti-virus application.

The steps to take for how to stop self-installed applications are:

  • The first step is to enter the > application settings. Go to your Android smartphone settings and select Apps menu.
  • Select Manage Apps. After that, go to the Manage Apps/Manage App menu. This Menu contains all the applications that have your Android smartphone.
  • Android often download itself
  • Select on the All Tab. To make it easier to find the application you are looking for, because on the Tab All option will be visible in the application on both internal storage and external storage.
  • Next, look for an Android application called  "Search Application Provider " If the Indonesian mobile phone settings look for the name  "Application download service ".
  • Android often download itself
  • The last step in the upper right corner select Disable. The Disable option aims to disable the application to run commands automatically.
  • Android often download itself
  • Take the test of the steps we just did to find out how to stop the Android software updates that have been successful or not.

How to solve Android Download yourself when Conect Internet

If you have tried the above way but have not produced the results, then try this other way to stop Android download the app automatically:

  • Delete your Google Play Store account and replace it with your new Google account.
  • Then turn off auto update Google Play Store.
  • Then disable USB debugging and Unknown source.
  • Stop application is not from Safe mode.

Thus our discussion on how to stop automatic download on Android, hopefully what has been done can give results and a benefit. If friends have a problem with surrounding smartphones please write in the Comments field. 

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