How to Download videos from Youtube via Android phone

Now this is the user of which gadget is not familiar with YouTube because YouTube is one of Google-owned companies in the field of free streaming video provider that comes from uploading millions of people all over the world. With the development of YouTube in the era of smartphones such as nowadays, Android phone users can watch video clips until streaming a movie for free. But unfortunately we are only given the freedom to view movies from YouTube but to download videos from YouTube on Android we are quite having trouble.

Movie lovers are currently not having problems to watch a video because YouTube for free provides convenience not only to users PC/computer only, but for Android mobile users to access the YouTube site from their mobile phone devices. But to watch the video we want we should always use Internet access to stream because we can not save or save video on YouTube. If to repeat the favorite video we must use Internet data will certainly make wasteful on our quota and all that could not happen if we know how to download a movie on YouTube on Android. The question is how do I download free YouTube videos on Android HP or maybe there is an app to download YouTube videos?

You will be able to watch your favorite videos repeatedly where and whenever without having to spend a lot of quota because you will be able to download videos to your Android phone. And here we will tell you how to download videos via YouTube with a wide selection of ways that 100% can work.

How to download videos on YouTube via Android can be done on various types of Android HP such as Samsung, Smatfreen, Oppo and all kinds of hape that has an operating system Android. To quickly or whether the download of the video depends on the Internet connection and the specifications of Android phones, not on the application that teristall.

As we've written in the post title above, this time we'll try to share tips on how to download videos from YouTube on Android so we can save data if we want to watch/play videos continuously. Here tutorial how to quickly download videos without apps as well as Android apps download videos on YouTube.

1. How to download videos on YouTube without software/application

  • The first step is to open the YouTube video you want to download later.
  • Then once you find the video you want to download, note the right center button of your Android phone, there is a down arrow button that signifies the button to download.
  • In order to have the YouTube app on your Android hape there is a download button, make sure you have updated the latest version of the YouTube app through Google Playstore.
  • Click the down arrow.
  • Finished.

Caution: The downside to this is that the video can not be sent to another Android phone, but it can only be watched by itself offline. But if you want to download YouTube videos in full and can be sent to other phones or can be shared can use the next way after this.

2. How to download YouTube videos on Android HP with SaveFrom

HP Android users now can also download videos as well as PC/computer to download YouTube videos with Webtools, note the following tutorials because of how to downloading videos from YouTube for Android a little different:

  • Just like the tutorial above, first step please select the video that will be downloaded. Here for example we will download video IP man (2008) Final Fight HD on YouTube
  • Then press the Share button that there the among the button + and monitor, there will be the option to be shared on sosmed Facebook, BBM, Google Drive and so on. And you choose the right one on your own, that is, click Copy URL (which I give the red box sign)
  • After that open your browser, we recommend using Google Chrome in the Adress Bar section please quote (copy) The link that was copied earlier.
  • The next step after you cite your her YouTube video link and it is automatically changed as well.
  • Look at the Adress bar note the link, change links to (deleted and replaced SS)
  • Once the link is changed then click Enter then wait a few seconds later you will show the quality of the video presented (MP4 360p, MP4 720p etc.), and now you just have to choose one of the video quality links that will be downloaded
  • The last step is to wait for the process of downloading YouTube videos finished in the download, the longer the video duration and the higher the pixel will be the longer.

3. How to download youTube videos on Android phone using TubeMate app:

  • First download the application Tubemate via link > >
  • After that, install the application tubemate.
  • Next step, after installation finishes logging in to the Tubemate application and select the video you want to download
  • Once you've found the video, a "download" or "Watch" notification will appear
  • Then click on "Download" and wait a few moments until the video quality options you want.
  • Next you need to make sure the video appears option you need, then you just waiting for your downloaded video will be saved to your Android phone.

4. How to download youTube videos on Android smartphones with Dentex

The first step is to download and install the Dentex YouTube Downloader app on your Android phone. Here's the download link of the app > >

  • Then open the YouTube app and select the video you want to download. Click the Share button on the video.
  • When a new window appears, select > > YouTube Downloader.
  • Next step choose the video quality you want to download. The bigger the video size, the better the quality.
  • After selecting the video format, click the Download Here button to start the download of the YouTube video.
  • Wait a few moments to finish the download process.

Thus our article this time recently commented on how to easily download YouTube on Android. Hopefully our article this time can provide benefits for all of us, so many and thank you..

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