How to Change the Appearance of Facebook in UC Android Browser to avoid Lemot and save Data

This time we will review about the browser HP Android, in addition to the current Google Chrome Android phone also has a browser quite familiar among our community namely UC Browser. One reason why mobile Android users like surfing using UC browser compared with Google Chrome because UC Browser can open websites that are blocked without using a proxy, and also has more features Compared to its competitor Google Chrome.

Besides being able to block ads, UC Browser can accelerate one of the web we want and still many other advantages. Often times the users Android smartphones complained when they first download and install the application UC Bowser then entered on the address, they found the appearance of the untidy Facebook even random on the screen android. Then why UC Browser displays Facebook like that? Apparently the appearance of Facebook on UC browser that can not ful screen and random is because UC browser speeds up Facebook then that's how it looks changed to be lighter. But the problem of Facebook display is not a problem that can not be solved, this time we will try to share tips on how to change the look of FB on Android HP.

Here is how to change the look of Facebook in Android HP so that your Facebook UC Browser can be displayed full-screen and not Lemot but still saves quota. Here's the complete tutorial:

1. First we have to download and have installed UC Browse.
2. Next step open the Internet Browser application UC your browser > > Then select Settings Tab > > Next select Add-ons
3. Then after you enter on the menu add-ons Select the Faceboo app
4. Next change the setting "Browse Facebook faster " To disable and also "faster Facebook access " to disable.
5. After successful will appear Facebook view as below screenshot shown
In addition to the above way we will also share the solution change the appearance of Facebook to fit on the screen of our Android phone that does not use the browser UC browser, namely by way of FB basic view.

Facebook Basic version ( which we will discuss is a Facebook official site aimed at mobile users who can not install Facebook applications, so that with the existence of FB basic display mobile phone owners can manage Facebook account and features in it as if using the Facebook application.

If you are a mobile phone user or a PC user who always feel the heavy and experiencing lag when opening Facebook, the most appropriate solution is to switch to the basic version of Facebook because in the future Facebook sites and applications will certainly experience version updates and features therein. It is sure to cause the memory of the device used to become increasingly limited so that your phone will become lemot and mandate-mandate/lag.

So how to deal with HP to Lemot when opening Facebook view? In general if we want to log into Facebook, we are required to type to access to Facebook login page. Therefore for you HP mobile users, use the basic version of Facebook to be able to change the look of Facebook on your phone so as not to Lemot/leg. For Facebook login using the basic version of Facebook, you simply change the address when we will log into Facebook from the address replaced with the address

Here's the advantage if we open Facebook with the old look is as follows:

  • First, the Facebook page opens without any ads and this will speed up the process of loading the entire Facebook page.
  • Because the process of loading Facebook pages is faster with no ads then automatically data quota is also less issued (more efficient data).

In other respects, opening a FB page with an old version look also has a lack of the event:

  • The first drawback is when you login Facebook basic version view, not practical like FB display now because the absence of sidebar menu whether it's sidebar on the left or right side that means navigation for groups, community, chat & who your friends are online not seen on the Facebook homepage and to see the group or chat, you must first click on the separate navigation found at the top of the page FB
  • When you create a status on Facebook with a basic version view, the share feature, mark, & emoticons can not be done with one click (must log in first to settings, in addition if you want to change the option whether the status is in public settings, friends and others then you must click First to in the manual settings)
  • In addition the look of the basic Facebook version has a display that is not as good as the existing Facebook application.

Site " " Here we call (Facebook Regular) while for the site " " Here we call (Facebook mobile). The difference between regular Facebook and Facebook mobile lies in the view from its page which on regular Facebook has a modern look that comes with a wide range of applications, games, videos, live broadcasts, even ads that are displayed in the sidebar.

So our article this time that is trying to help you who do not know about how to change the look of Facebook in Android HP. Hopefully our article this time can provide benefits for all of us, so many and thank you..

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