How to Track a Lost HP SIM Card Off

Looking for lost HP-How do I find the lost HP because it was stolen or crashed on the road but after re-searched the existence of the handphone is no longer exists? Can we track the lost Android phone whose SIM Card is inactive, if we do not manage to know the location where the phone is of course we will feel anxious and worried more in the HP there are important files. Actually it's not too hard to know the location of the lost Android smartphone. But to detect the existence of such HP, which we must recall is a security application on Android HP we have ever installed? But for this time we will try to share the way to search for lost Android phone/tablet that the number is inactive without the application.

In addition to entertainment data and files such as personal photos and videos, contact records of friends ' phone numbers, the fuel pin becomes an important thing if we lose our phone. The question is can track the existence of Android phone location in off or off state? It certainly will not be able to know the position of the inactive hp Android because there is not a little data connected from the phone to the Android server that allows the occurrence of a data synchronous relationship with the other. Similarly, if we want to track the Android phone/tablet via IMEI number certainly will not likely find it because the transmit signal will not happen if the phone is dead. So before the HP or tablet is not turned on we will not be able to find it, even though we already gave the phone with a security application from theft.

But all there is still possibility to find/track the handphone from theft, if only the thief is not smart enough and have not changed the Google account and do factory reset against the lost Android. To find lost Android phones and tablets whose SIM card is inactive or because the phone number has been changed, the main requirement is that Android must still be connected to the Google account used in the Google Play services app. All Android phones will have this app if previously have not been rooted and have not been upgraded using custom room. That's because Google itself has pressed so that all manufacturers of smartphones and tablets producing gadgets using the Android operating system must install the bloatware application.

In this article we will try to help you to remember and redirect anything to do when your Android smartphone or tablet is lost. There is still a way to be able to control Android remotely so that the phone can be back on our back, here is the explanation:

1. How to track hp Android lost with Android Device Manager

The official app from Google that has the functionality to know the location of the Tablet or HP Android is very easy to use we often know with Android Device Manager. The mandatory requirement to use this app is that your Android phone must be connected to the Google account, not in the idle state, turned on and connected to the Internet. This Device Manager app is free and requires no additional tools to use it. Besides being able to track Android, ADM also has features for ringing and wiping. In this remote control feature, it is able to ring the Android Smartphone as well as delete the data inside it directly.

Using this Android Device Manager is:

  • First sign in to Android Device Manager using your Google account from your lost Android using a browser on your PC or laptop.
  • Then once you log in you will see the connected Android name. Don't do the ringing feature first so that he's not suspicious of the Android. 
  • Then just note the current location, record the address and the time or clock from the last Android location is located.
  • From there, we can try to go directly to the address and location that has been detected by Android Device Manager. 
  • If the ADM only shows the caption  "Location not available " or "Last online", do this on a daily basis because it is possible if your Android is in a dead state or not connected to the Internet and could be the thief has done factory reset. 

2. Samsung Remote Control

This can only be used exclusively for Android HP users made by Samsung. Besides they have the Samsung Apps service, they also have a remote control feature called "Find My Mobile ". The application gives us the facility to be able to do some ways to control it remotely such as locking, tracking, sounding, deleting data even sending us an SMS automatically every time the Android phone has been changed telephone number/SIM card. Although the thief often change sim card of various operators feature Find My Mobile will continue to send us SMS with notes as long as our Android has not been in factory reset. But again, have you ever activated Samsung features of remote control?

3. Track Android tricks using DropBox

Some manufacturers who have manufactured and marketed Android tablets and smartphones have installed Dropbox as the default application for their products. But if you have manually installed the main purpose of this third way is also the same. This trick will only be easier to understand for those of you who use the Dropbox Cloud Storage on our Android mobile devices. Allow us to help you remember it. In the Dropbox app, there is one feature called Camera Upload. This feature will automatically upload each time we take a picture or a photo of it using both the front and back camera. The photo will be saved in the Dropbox Cloud folder under the name Camera Upload. Remember you with such a feature?

To enable the Dropbox Cloud Storage fiture simply log in to your Dropbox account using your PC and open the Camera Upload folder. The intention of the purpose of this trick is, it is very likely that the thief takes a photo or makes a selfie that will automatically be uploaded. With that we will get additional instructions about the location of the lost Smartphone to the photos that are in the folder.

4. How to find the lost Android hp with Google Maps

The Google map also features a feature to track every activity done using a GPS called location history. Although this feature is actually a long time ago, which is the problem if we have ever enabled this feature? Have we ever given Google access to track every location that we visit before the Android Smartphone or Tablet is lost?

This location history feature will provide very detailed information, even if it is locally or when going abroad. There we will be able to see the red track or line as a sign when we travel. Start from the path or track, date, display the time and hours and specific places that have previously been registered on the Google map. But if it turns out we've never used it, this feature will only show captions not available. To know how it is, check the Google Location history.

Track the missing HP SIM card off

So our article has reviewed the tips and tricks to find a lost phone. Hopefully our article can help you to immediately get back the lost phone or tablet because it is stolen by irresponsible parties, umpteen and thank you..

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