How to Solve problems on Xiaomi Yi Action Cam

The popular and best-selling action camera product in today's photography market is Xiaomi Yi Camera, because its cheap price and good quality and also how to use Yi camera is not so difficult. But unfortunately you may be confused when reading a handbook for those of you who bought a Xiaomi basic product or Chinese version because it speaks Chinese. Therefore, in our article we will write a guide on how to use Xiaomi Yi camera along with troubleshooting tips that exist on the Xiaomi Yi action camera.

Make sure the completeness is on Xiaomi Yi Camera when you buy it because the charger head/Adaptar for the CAS does not exist. Therefore the way of overcoming Xiaomi Yi can not be interceped is to use the adapter belongs to Android smartphones Xiaomi.

In addition, there are a lot of problems that arise when you've just got to know and use Xiaomi Camera action because Yi Camera Handbook is still in Chinese. We will therefore share photography tips and tricks to solve the problem of Xiaomi Yi Cam action sourced from the many questions of people who use Yi Camera.

1. How to change Xiaomi YI settings?
How do I change the settings on Xiaomi Yi action camera? Of course for those of us who have just bought the action Cam brand Xiaomi Yi This will be very confused and manual use books that are still in Chinese language become one of the causes. But it turns out how to change the settings on Yi Camera is very easy, namely:

First download the Yi camera app in Playstore for Android or WeTrip Lite iOS app for iphone users. For Android minimal Android 4.1 and for minimal iphone iOS System 7 or more. 
Once installed, open the app and connect to the camera via WiFi (turn on Xiaomi YI WiFi by pressing the small button next to the camera). 
Then you can press the bottom button of the camera icon on the interface screen. Find "YDXJ_xxxxxxx" (This is the 7 serial number that is on your battery), while for the standard password is 1234567890. 
Once connected click on settings or Gear emblem 
Next please in the brain Atik at your pleasure because you are already in the Xiaomi Settings Yi camera.
The excitement of Xiaomi YI Camera is certainly impatiently used for you iPhone users because simply using the WeTrip Lite iOS app Yi Camera app is already usable. The settings in the application are as follows:

The first step is to set IP Wifi Cam on the app:
After that you will find Net View or any other program. 
Then if it appears Password request fill with 1234567890. 
But if the apps look pretty complicated, other avenues you can also use the LinkinEyes App. 
Next stage turn on Yi Camera and connect with Wifi connection with the name "YDXJ_xxxxxxx". For password 1234567890.
2. How to rename Wifi and Password?
To change the name of WiFi with the password in the camera Actions Xiaomi Yi, the steps to be done are:

Connect WiFi between Yi Camera and your smartphone.
Once the Xiaomi Yi camera is connected you will find the settings icon (Gear) at the top right of the screen. 
After that, in the menu settings, there is an option to change the WiFi settings. 
Next step after you change the pasword, wait a minute and restart Xiaomi YI you.
3. How to solve Xiaomi YI can not connect to the smartphone?
The steps to take to solve Xiaomi Yi Action cam can not be connected on the smartphone, namely:

The first step is to check that your mobile phone version of Andoid or IOS is compatible with Xiaomi YI camera app.
Next check the WIFI connection on your smartphone is already active and the WiFi indicator light on the camera is also lit (blink-flicker).
Then remember-remember your password is correct, do not forget or wrong password.
Keep your smartphone phone within range of WiFi camera (max 100 meters).
Do a factory reset if we have used the above way but not yet succeeded.
4. How to factory reset Xiaomi Yi camera?
Connect your Xiaomi YI to the Gadget (application), when you enter the settings menu you will find the option factory reset or you can also press the power button and WiFi simultaneously until the Beep sound is heard.

5. How to solve blurry photos and unclear results?
How to photograph to look beautiful will certainly be expected for every selfie lover, even though it is already using photo taking techniques but not yet get the best photography results what steps to take? To solve the problem of blurry and obscure photos, you need to download a photo or video to your smartphone by tapping the download icon in order to see the max result of the YI Xioami.

6. How do I take pictures/photos while in video mode?
To take a photo while in video mode can be done when the camera is connected to a smartphone. However, there are some resolutions that do not support this feature so that Yi Camera cannot take pictures/photos in video mode, namely:

720P 120 FPS
480P 240 FPS
1080P 60 FPS/48 FPS
960P 60 FPS
7. How to take quick pictures using the cam action Xiaomi Yi
For NEWBI users of Xiaomi Yi Action Cam will surely feel confusion when wanting to do a quick shoot. Actually, for how to quickly shoot the shot is not very difficult, just change the photo mode to video mode by pressing the power button. After that press  "Shutter" when the indicator light is dark (this signifies Yi camera entered in shooting/photo mode).

8. What memory card is suitable for Xiaomi YI action Cam?
Micro SDHC Class 10 with high speed will be suitable used Xiaomi Yi camera. SDHC memory card types have a maximum capacity of 64 GB as well as FAT32 format. Our recommendation is based on observations on some of the people who like photography, many of them use Micro SDHC class 10 speed 80 mpbs.

9. How long does the battery is Xiaomi and its durability?
For the battery charging time Xiaomi Yi Camera action actually depends on the remaining power on the battery, but in normal conditions the battery charge time Xiaomi Yi generally is 90 minutes. The battery life of Xiaomi Yi action camera according to our observations based on the monitoring of the users of Xiaomi Yi Action Cam can last more or less selama1 hours. 

10. How to fix the WIFI indicator light on but not flashing on Yi Camera?
When the camera is in WIFI sync mode it will be marked with a flashing WIFI indicator light But if the lamp does not flash it means the Xiaomi Yi Camera is in Bluetooth sync mode.

11. How does Xiaomi Yi Camera enable the long exposure feature?
In fact, the default application of Xiaomi Yi Action camera does not come with long exposure mode but on some forums there are already providing a script for long exposure feature on Yi camera. 

12. Are the Go Pro accessories usable on Xiaomi Yi action camera?
Basically Go Pro and Xiaomi YI is the same type of camera that the action camera so many Go pro accessories that can be used on Xiaomi YI. Although it looks the same not all the Go Pro camera accessories can be used on Yi camera, for example Waterproof case Go Pro cannot be used on Xiaomi YI.

13. How do I solve the original Yi camera photo result?
Sometimes good photos and true to the original are difficult to obtain when we use Xiaomi Yi camera because Xiaomi Yi uses wide-angle lens up to 155 degrees. When we know the technique of photography techniques will certainly understand with a wide-angle lens up to 155 degrees so that the photos will look different. Although that way we can still change to the normal mode to get the best result by tapping the settings icon on the app and activating Lens distortion adjustment.

14. How to clean the Xiaomi Yi action camera lens?
To clean the camera lens Xioami Yi should use the following ways:

In the early stages we recommend using a soft brush to remove the dust, because when the lens is directly feared to be scratched by rough dust. 
Then clean the lens using a soft, lint-able lap that is commonly used to clean the glass.
15. Can Xiaomi Yi lenses be replaced with other lenses?
For those of you who are not familiar with electronic related things we recommend don't try to replace your Xiaomi Yi camera lens because it is quite risky. However, if you still want to try it, some forums say if the Xiaomi Yi Action Cam lens can be replaced with a Go Pro Hero 3 camera lens.

So review from us on how to solve the problem when using Xiaomi Yi action camera. Hopefully our article this time can provide benefits to you fans of photography and you are a hobby of selfie, many and thank you.

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