How to solve HP Xiaomi can not Download applications in Playstore

That can be said is quite cheap with a very good specs that makes Android phone Xiaomi start popular in the market of our country today. However, there is an obstacle for users of Xiaomi Android phones where the smartphone is still in Chinese and does not have the Google Play Store application service. Although we users HP Xiaomi already installed Google Play application on the phone, Xiaomi hp can not download applications in Playstore becomes a problem that often happens.

The problem that we will discuss in HP Android Xiaomi this time is not able to download applications in the Play store if the size of the application is large. Of course we will feel very losers have bought Xiaomi phone if it can not download the app in the Google Play Store via Xiaomi smartphones. Though no doubt 4G network on Android phone Xiaomi has a good internet connection if used to download applications with a large size through Google Play, but that happens when the file size of the application exceeds the 2MB will Notifications appear waiting for WiFi or appears connection error.

The reason why Google Play store can not download it because of the maximum limitation of application download size, so the solution we have to do is to turn it into Unlimited and we will be able to download the application without Limitation. Therefore read on how to overcome the Play store can not download using the following Xiaomi HP.

Easy steps to solve the Play store can not download on Android HP is:

  • First Please enter the menu > > Settings/setting your Android phone.
  • Then you select an application.
  • Then click on organize application or Manage Applicatoins > > The Play Store app if the wrong position is located at the bottom of the download.
  • Next step Select Clear data then clear cache.

But if the HP Xiaomi step above has not succeeded, the next step to be done by doing changes settings Download size limit to Unlimited. Here are the steps to fix a hard playstore to download a large file app:

1. First go to the application or icon download if you have not made any changes to its position in the Tools folder on the main screen.

2. Then open or click the three dots in the top right corner as below screenshot shown.

3. The next step is to click Settings.

4. Then change the Download size limit > > Unlimitednext click OK.

5. The last step to be able to download the HP Xiaomi application via Playstore is restart your Xiaomi smartphone and if it is back on then open Play Store then please try downloading the application without using WiFi.

1. Update how can not download Android app Xiaomi via Playstore

For those users of Xiaomi who do not find the icon download or there is a download icon but there is not a limited size option can follow the tutorial as follows:

1. First open the application Security > > Data usage.

2. The next step is to click on Restrict data usage.

3. In the Installed section tick all Google Play Service Store Mobile and Wi-Fi.

4. The next step sliding on the System > > Icon section of the download click the cross mark so that it becomes tick/ceklis.

5. Done and if you want to set the download size can do the settings change through the set of data usage limit.

2. Update how can not download Android app Xiaomi via Playstore

If you have made changes to the settings like the way above but still can not download apps using the mobile network, try adding settings in the following way:

1. The first time you have to enter the menu > > Settings > > installed apps.

2. Then find the Google play services and Google Play store apps. Open one by one and scroll down to search Permission Managertick Select everything and make sure to Accept. As we modeled below.

3. Make sure the Google Play store or Google Play services settings all have given permissions to Accept.

4. Then don't forget to make sure the Download size limit setting becomes Unlimited.

5. The last step try to make ON or Off Xunlei download its engine.

Such tips to solve HP Playstore Xiaomi error because of the difficulty downloading the application on the Google Play. If you have used all the above and Xiaomi HP you still can not download the app on the Playstore try to check the ROM is used whether the official ROM or custom. Hopefully our articles provide benefits for all of us, so many and thank you..

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