How to solve the HP Samsung Z2 (Tizen) to install the BBM App

Of course we will not be unfamiliar when listening to mobile phones with the title  "Hape Time Gitu", the smartphone is the latest product launched by Samsung that uses Tizen OS. Samsung's mobile brand Samsung Z2 is not supported with the Android operating system, but instead uses the Tizen OS operating system which features the theme into excess on this latest Samsung Z2 HP. Can the Samsung Z2 fuel or not? One of the disadvantages of a Samsung smartphone this one is not supported the black Berry Messanger application (BBM). Therefore when we buy this latest Samsung phone, we first download the BBM for Samsung Z2.

This Samsung Z2 HP theme can be set as we want because the theme is a striking advantage in this Samsung Z2. Open source is the basic basic of OS Tizen which means it is very easy to develop and modified to be more cool. There are several applications on Android that can be run on this Tizen operating system. But there is a chating application that we often use but it can not be used on the Samsung Z2, that is BBM. Then how to solve HP Samsung Z2 can not download the BBM?

However, you won't have to worry about fuel being installed on your Samsung Z2 phone because we'll share how to install BBM on OS Tizen without root. Actually the BBM application is now not officially able to be installed by Tizen OS via Tizen Store, hence to download the BlackBerry Mesenger app in the "Mobile time Gitu " We recommend using an application that can install BBM in OS Tizen. Then the app to get the Tizen OS BBM is an android ACL (Application Compatibility Layer) emulator created by Open Mobile.

This Android ACL emulator app can install some popular Android chat apps so that it can run on Tizen OS, like WhatsApp or BBM.

How to Solve HP Samsung Z2 (Tizen) can not install BBM application

Then how to install Black Berry Mesangerul (BBM) application on a smartphone that has OS Tizen using the emulator application Android ACL (Application Compatibility Layer)? Below we will learn the full tutorial on how to install BBM using ACL on the Samsung Z2 OS Tizen.

How to install BBM using ACL on the Samsung Z2 OS Tizen:

  1. The first step is to download the Android ACL emolator application which you can download via the Tizen Store APP.
  2. After that open the Tizen Store app on your Samsung Z2 HP.
  3. Then type in the search "BlackBerry Messanger" without using quotation marks.
  4. Your next step will be asked to sign in using your Samsung account.
  5. If you are already signed in after that just select click Install to begin/install to start.
  6. Click on the BBM icon, then it will pop up a download page on ACL Popup > > Click Install for ACL.
  7. If the above steps you have done without any problems then you can already open the BBM application that you have downloaded.

So a tutorial on how to install BBM Disamsung your Z2 without having to use root access. In addition to download BBM, the Android ACL emulator app (Application Compatibility Layer) can also install popular chating apps on Android phones, for example LINE, whatsAPP, and Facebook Messanger. However, if you feel the following tutorial is quite difficult to do we recommend to wait for the date the release of BBM for Samsung Z2 OS Tizen officially from Samsung, because we get information that Samsung in the near future will officially release the BBM for Tizen. Hopefully our article this time can provide benefits for all of us, so many and thank you..

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