How to solve mobile Memory Card not read

To find how to fix a memory card that is not read by a mobile phone what should we do? Memory card is not actually read is not very difficult to overcome if we already know the cause and damage from the Micro SD Card itself. Memory card can not be detected by Android HP It is actually a problem that occurs for mobile users. Therefore it would be better if we recognize the factors that cause the problem of micro SD error does not appear on Android phones, before we get confused when we open the File Manager but the contents on the card memory card becomes empty because it can not be read By a smartphone device.

Without us realizing it too often move-Mindah SD card from one HP to another HP is a thing that becomes one of why the SD card is not readable by Hanphone. Despite being a trivial deed, the memory card is often moved-moved can result in damage derived from scratches on the microSD yellow so that Android phones are not so good read the SD card. Then how do I fix a defective SD card on all phones both Android, BlackBerry, iphone or Microsoft?

Micro SD

Although we know how to fix a memory card that is error, not all problems SD card is not readable can we complete in total. For example if the memory card is damaged due to the folded, truncated, exposed heat that has a high temperature it will be unlikely to restore it back.  Therefore on our post this time we will try to share tips on how to fix memory cards that are not readable by handphone.

Before we go further about how the memory card is not readable, it is good if we also know the cause of the corrupted memory card that we have reviewed more below:

Some possible causes of damage to memory cards

1. Too often to move-Mindah memory card

  • Memory cards that are often in the move-moved will be more susceptible to illness, because it must often conform to the new place and operating system. The microSD card actually does not need to be moved frequently unless we buy a new phone. If only to copy the files, there are many options how to move files between HP securely, over a Bluetooth or WiFi connection, or a data cable if you're on a laptop.

2. How to move the wrong microSD

  • Turn off your HP first and then wait for 10 seconds after it has just unplug your memory card as the correct way. Although you are in a hurry, try to be patient when forced to disconnect the memory card from the HP and move it to the card reader or another HP.

3. Working too hard for a long time

  • Forcing memory cards to work extra hard when saving due to very large data streams in a short time can cause memory card error. If your HP is still using standard applications, not those that are tweaked to the fullest, it is still safe from damage due to this cause. But if you've done heavy tweaking, like changing the settings of the video storage, the result is amazing, as I used on the Xperia Ray using modding camera of Rizal Mastah, recording a video 18 minutes only the result file can be up to 580 MB.

4. Exposed oil or dirt

  • Make sure your hands are clean from dirt or oil when holding a memory card. Dirt will make it unable to connect well with the reader in the HP or card reader.

5. The Magnet

  • This is the main enemy of all kinds of magnetic storage media. The Data on the memory card is written and read using magnets, certainly not as simple as that explanation. Starting from the time of the cassette with the Ribbon first, the magnet could damage the composition of the stored data until a random mess. Thus, the Tipsnya one: avoid HP or memory cards from magnetic sources or magnetic fields such as speakers, TV planes sailing CRT, electric motor coil, and so on.

6. Is exposed to a virus

  • Today's viruses work more ruthlessly, they no longer destroy, but steal and try to make your HP can work to the fullest, so that their action can continue to take place. Some viruses can make your memory card lame, although the trend for new viruses is no longer like that. Make sure the laptop or HP from which you take files safe from viruses. Also when you download files from the Internet, make sure you only download from websites that are safe. Especially when we are downloading apk files of apps or games often the virus is infected by the process.

We still need to maintain the health of the memory card/microSD and also backup the data in it regularly because they can not repair themselves even though we have bought a branded SD card and the most excellent type. Backing up existing files on a memory card can use a laptop or Google could.

Steps to take as a way to repair unreadable SD card/memory card

1. Clean memory card

  1. The first step to solve the problem of memory card is not detected by the Android phone is to remove the memory card from the gadget. Make sure you have turned off your Android phone first.
  2. Then clean the copper plates (golden yellow color) using the pencil eraser. Rub gently until clean.
  3. Once you feel confident that it is clean, reinsert the memory card into the phone memory slot and then check the SD card condition is read or not.

2. Do format using Android HP

  1. First enter the Settings menu and select Storage.
  2. Then in the menu there is the option Erase SD card. By deleting the SD Card, it can make the memory clean like new. But before you remove the memory card make sure that you have backing up the file in it so that we permanently lose the file.

3. Perform error tagging via PC

First step connect your Android to your laptop or PC using a data cable.

Then make sure your Android phone is already connected in Mass storage mode (MSC), not Media transfer mode (MTP).

Then open Windows Explorer after that right click on the memory card Drive, select Properties > > Tools > > Error Checking and wait for all processes to complete.

The last step is to eject the memory card, then check if it is read or not.

4. Format the memory card of the PC

This step is done when the memory card (MicroSD) is read and looks fine on the computer but still unread on your Android smartphone. Do it the following way:

  1. First create a new folder on the HardDisk, name it up to you because this folder will be the temporary storage of the backup alias of the corrupted memory card contents earlier.
  2. Copy all the contents of the memory card and Paste it into the folder you created earlier.
  3. Then if you have sure copied all, format the memory card.
  4. Then return all the data that is in the folder into the memory that has been in the format.
  5. The final step is to carry the SD card is read by what handphone yet.

This is how we post this time that has discussed how to repair the damaged microSD so that it cannot be read by both phones and tablets. Hopefully our article this time can provide benefits so that you are having problems SD card error can not be opened can be solved immediately, and thank you..

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