How to solve a Laptop Bootloop can not get into Windows

How do I solve a laptop/computer that often restarts itself so that it can not enter in Windows? Laptop Bootloop can not get into Windows is a problem that often we find on some computers because the process is stopped in the middle of the road or not perfect boot process on a computer/laptop. Sometimes the occurrence of laptops that suddenly restart itself makes us afraid of errors on the computer that we have, so we want to as soon as possible fix our computer that failed to boot when going into this windows.

Resolving a Bootloop Laptop can not log in to Windows

If the problem of computer error can not enter Windows sourced from the Windows operating system, usually the easiest way to solve this problem is to reinstall Windows. But many laptop users who do not like this way to repair laptops often resart because besides it takes a long time to process, we also have to bothered by installing frequently used applications and also data on drive C will usually disappear. Before we go through any further, here are some causes your computer has failed to boot or bootloop:

  • Error Windows Update process.
  • Use the unsuitable Activator Windows 7.
  • Use a Windows 7 Loader application that is not the same as the computer system.
  • The uninstalling process is not completed.
  • Hardware overheating
  • A Master Boot Record crash occurs.
  • Incorrectly replace the Registry component in regedit. exe in the HKEY LOCAL MACHINE.
  • Infected by viruses.

In this TechnoEcho article, will try to give some tips that we are usual if the computer/laptop can not enter Windows. So you do not need to hurry to bring a computer/laptop to the service provider to repair the computer/laptop failed to boot, see the tips to solve it below.

1. How to solve the computer/Laptop Restart can not enter Windows with Safe Mode

To repair a computer/laptop often restarts you can try to boot through Safe Mode. To display Safe Mode for Windows 7 users, you must restart the PC, and immediately press the F8 key. In the future, you will have a menu option that will show the Safe Mode option. If this way can get you into Windows, it means that the problem lies in the driver or the application that crashes or can also be infected by a virus.

2. How to solve the computer/Laptop Restart can not enter Windows with Booting from Linux

Another way to repair a computer/laptop often restarts you can try booting using the help of a Linux CD such as Ubuntu or Linux Mint (can also use another Linux distro). Boot from here and see if the system can work properly. If in this way you successfully enter the Linux operating system smoothly, that means the problem is in your Windows and the solution that needs to be done is reinstall.

3. How to solve the computer/Laptop Restart can not enter Windows using CD/DVD

The easiest way to recover a computer that often restarts can not get into Windows is to repair Windows. The trick is to insert the Windows installation CD then change the BIOS to try start-up via CD or DVD-ROM, then after installation go to the Install Windows section then select Repair Windows option. If repair Windows fails you can install Windows on a new folder or do a hard disk format. Make sure that you do not change the BIOS settings before. If you have changed the BIOS settings then restore the BIOS settings as before. If you forgot it, we recommend choosing the Default BIOS Loading.

4. Last way to cope with computer/Laptop Restart can not enter Windows

  1. The first step is to turn on your computer or laptop.
  2. When the BIOS display appears, press F12 or F2 to change the boot settings.
  3. Then insert your Windows CD/DVD Master.
  4. After that in the BIOS panel, select BIOS Configuration to change the First Boot to CD/DVD. Or if you use a pendrive used to install Windows, please change First Boot to USB.
  5. Next step change the order of First boot from Harddisk (SATA), to CD/DVD.
  6. After that SAVE.
  7. Next restart your computer.
  8. Then it will appear the text ' Press Any Key From Boot to CD/DVD... ' Press any key on your keyboard.
  9. Next to repair computer select Repair Your Computer.
  10. Wait a few moments.
  11. Click Next.
  12. Last will appear a window that has 5 options for you. For example: Choose Startup Repair If your Windows is still normal. If you have ever done backup please select System Restore. If you have ever done a restore point image, select System Image Recovery. If not both select the Command Prompt option.

If you choose to use Command Prompt in part Number 10 above will appear black box like CMD/DOS. And follow these steps as follows:

  1. Petama-Tama Type DIR C
  2. After that type one of the options that will appear on your PC screen (one by one not at once) start at the top. Then press ENTER.
  3. Then if you've found The text ' The operation completed succesfully ' please restart The computer. No need to write all commands above. If you have done all the commands above, but no one has succeeded, then do the first recovery that is Startup Repair. However, you will need to change First Boot back to the Hard disk if you have finished the repair.

In our article we've reviewed some of the ways that solve the PC bootloop often restarts so that it can not enter on Windows. If the four ways above you have done but you fail, then there is a possibility that one of your hardware is damaged. Often the hardware damage that occurs is the Memory hard disk VGA and it can also be broken Mainboard, but less likely if hardware damage it occurs. Many and thank you..

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