How to Overcome the lost HP signal because the SIM card is Unreadable

Have you ever experienced a signal hp often lost even a total loss that we suspect because the SIM card cards are not readable by our Android hp? Genesis when we were playing mobile or smartphone games and suddenly the phone that we use experienced a loss of signal and it turns out that the cause is a SIM card is not readable by HP/tablet Android, such thing is an event that makes us irritated. Weak signal is often experienced by smartphone users, but there is a way to overcome the signal is unstable hp when using a SIM card 3g or 4g.

Many factors that can be the cause of the signal does not appear on Android HP, too often change the SIM card one of them so the occurrence of a short circuit. Mobile phones that do not read the SIM card can also come from the SIM card connector worn therefore the connector is not able to read again the chip from the SIM card so as to the HP network is not detected. Before we look for a way to fix the phone signal that is often lost, we need to do a check on the problem of SIM card is not read by Android phone.

If the HP signal is still a frequent ride down and not even show up when you've tried by replacing the existing 3g SIM card on the previous HP to the new phone then you need to try the other way to get your 3g signal back. Therefore we will try to share tips to find out the cause and how to fix the often lost HP signal. Here are the steps to find out why your 3g phone/tablet Android signal does not appear.

How to deal with lost HP signal because the SIM card is unreadable

1. Redeem Cards and mobile phones

  • If the above still has not been able to handle the SIM card is not readable, can insert another SIM card into the phone. 
  • If it reads it means that your SIM card is damaged. Or do otherwise, insert your SIM card into another HP or Tablet, if read means the connector on your phone that is damaged, if the same reads unreadable means to replace the SIM card. 
  • The solution comes to the gallery (Indosat) or Grapari (Telkomsel) According to your provider and ask for a new card. Do not forget to bring your ID card, will be replaced with a new card but with the same number.

2. Check the connectors on the SIM card tray

  • The first step is to check the connectors by cleaning. 
  • Rub gently on the edges of the connector and check if it is still visually normal (nothing is bent or worn).
  • Then check it gently cleaned so that the dirt or crust stuck can be lost. To clean can use a solution of eucalyptus oil that is trimmed on the tip of the cotton bud.

3. Check the SIM card

  • Usually on a SIM card that is too long will arise the points of the former connector, then do the cleaning like the way above on your SIM card chip. Clean the chip of the SIM card because the crust sticking to the cause of closing the connection to the phone. After that plug it back in.

If all three ways above still have not succeeded there is a possibility that your Android phone signal is lost from your mobile antenna connector. Therefore we will try to give a way to strengthen your Android HP signal in order to strengthen the signal/network of your Android phone is lost, following the tutorial:

Step checking

1. Try first check the antenna components and antenna connectors.

Make sure nothing is disconnected. Especially when your phone is a phone with deep antenna, connected with a PCB or mainboard through two elastic contact pointers. If these two contact pointers experienced bad contact, the problem arises is the absence of network (no network) and the reception of bad signal even lost signal (no signal). Especially with a machine that is stretched or falling into the water, bad contact and oxidation will occur in the contact pointer. The antenna switch is the only way to Rnenerima and send signals, if damaged or pin soldering is damaged, there will be a problem of lack of network or transmission.

2. Try to search network on phone by manual method.

  • If with this manual method fails in search of the network, so we can make sure there is a problem in IC RF (HAGAR), change IC RF (HAGAR) Then the problem will be done.
  • If you are looking for a network with manual method on mobile phones we only get 1 (one) operator/provider of mobile service only, then there is a problem with IC VCO, change IC VCO is then the problem will be completed.
  • The network can be searched by manual method But sometimes fails, it can not even connect also with the network. This symptom is due to problem IC RF (HAGAR), IC AUDIO (COBBA). If the COBBA module reveals an error, it is most likely caused by its BGA soldering and bad surrounding units, or lack of currents, while most of HAGAR's problems are due to bad units.

3. If there is no problem with manual method, check the current line from battery to IC PA.

If there is no problem with the next path we check whether the IC component of the PA is functioning properly. We can use Multitester to test IC PA, if it turns out IC PA does not work properly, we change IC PA then the problem will be done.

After testing and repair on the hardware that we have done but the signal is still not there/lost, then we go on the software. We flash the phone according to the type of phone and software version of the previous phone or with a newer software version (upgrade). The problem of unstable signal/HP no signal can sometimes be dizzying when we need a phone function to make a calculated call is important. Actually, there are 2 causes of signal HP will not appear, namely:

  1. The signal quality of the BTS operator is weak and the condition of the phone itself that does have problems in it.
  2. If the signal of the BTS has no problem at all then it can be ensured, the problem caused by the phone.

Antenna repair Signal Amplifier

A weak antenna Switch does not necessarily mean a change. If indeed the funds are held very limited to buy a tool to strengthen the signal HP, then we can do the antenna switch jumper without having to replace the IC PA. The equipment prepared for this Jumper technique are:

  • Solder following lead 0.3 mm
  • Fluid Flux
  • Jumper cable 0.3 mm

Steps taken for the antenna switch jumper:

  1. Let's remove the phone casing until the live PCB/Board phone
  2. Then prepare jumper cables to connect at the right point in IC PA
  3. Then after the jumper, reunite the parts of the phone as originally.
  4. The final step is to look at the changes in the phone can be used with a better signal capture or not.

Things you should look for: This antenna switch jumper technique will affect the dual band phone capability to one band only, i.e. 900 MHz. This Trick is advised only to get around the limitation of funds. If you do not want to lose the ability of a dual band phone to one band only, then the alternative is to change PA IC with new.

This is how we post this time that has been commented on how to strengthen the HP signal to regain signal of HP that is often unstable or lost because the SIM card is not read by the phone itself. Hopefully it can provide a benefit for all of us, so many and thank you.

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