How to Open Blocked Android Pattern in 5 Minutes

Securing or locking an Android phone using pattern lock (pattern), password or give security by downloading Android key is the most effective and powerful way as a countermeasure of the hand-tinkering and view your personal data on Android phones. But the thing that often happens when we create patterns to lock the screen of our Android phone that happens instead we can not unlock the android even blocked because forget the Android password pattern.

However if our Android screen lock can not be opened, another cause of HP blocked Android is another person who forced to open the password on your Android phone, but the person does not know how to unlock the Android so that the Android screen lock can not be unlocked and will automatically be blocked. Actually forget the pattern hp Android blocked it is not difficult to solve it, but sometimes that makes the Android phone screen problem locked it if we also forgot the Gmail account and password we have created.

How to open Android pattern 

If this is certain you will not be able to unlock your smartphone pattern because it is possible to unlock the login with your Google account. Then there is another way to overcome forgotten patterns/passwords on Android phones? Therefore we will share info on how to unlock patterns of HP Android that have been blocked, and here are the descriptions:

To open a blocked pattern because of an Android password:

1. Using the Forgot Password feature

  • The first step is to make sure your phone has an Internet connection.
  • Then click Forgot Password/Pattern.
  • Then Sign In to your Google account by entering Email and password.
  • It's finished and now your Android smartphone can be reopened.

2. Using phone calls

If the first way fails (you don't have an Internet connection), you can use a phone call to unlock the locked screen of your android. The trick is:

  • Ask a friend or other person to call your Android phone with a problem with another phone.
  • Then answer the phone call, and do not close it.
  • Next Tab Home button = > Settings = > Enable Internet connection
  • Once the Internet connection is already active, then you can Sign In to your Google account by entering your email and password to be able to open a locked Android phone.
  • You can also deactivate the PIN password or pattern lock in the Settings menu.

3. Using Factory Data Reset

According to we use a factory reset is the most risky way to unlock the screen Android forgot the pattern because it will erase all data and files that are in the internal memory. Therefore, before you do a factory reset as a way to unlock your Android password, it's better to make a backup of the files on your memory card. If you are sure you will use this way to restart your phone or tablet:

The first step is to power off your Android phone.

After that press the Power Volume Up Home button simultaneously for about 5 seconds. But keep in mind to get into recovery mode, each smartphone will certainly be different buttons that should be held.

  1. Then you will now be in Recovery Mode.
  2. Then use the Volume Up or Down buttons to navigate to the Factory Data Reset menu.
  3. Next select Yes > > Delete All Users.
  4. Then select Reboot System Now.
  5. Then you need to wait up to a few minutes until the reset process completes.
  6. The last step you try to see on your Android phone screen is still locked or not. Now you can unlock your Android phone that was previously locked, but in such conditions when first buying the alias back to the initial settings and you can log in without using the password/pattern.
  7. Do the first or second way in advance because the third way has some risk if the process of opening the blocked pattern on Android does not finish.

After reading this article, we hope that you can open a locked Android phone because it understands how to unlock a Samsung HP locked. I hope this article could be useful and helpful, read also our other articles on how to overcome Android Lemot. Greetings Mobile!!

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