Causes of Unreadable Memory card in HP and PC You Should Know

Causes of unreadable memory card in HP and PC-with the development of an era followed by the emergence of modern smartphones or tablets such as today, of course a memory card is a must-have. Smartphone-based mobile device will require a memory card because it will be used as a container to store various kinds of data. The burial of a microSD card on Android phones or other smartphones has the benefit to save a variety of photos, music, videos and other files, but what will happen if the memory card can not appear/read on the phone. Stay tuned in this article that will review the cause of unreadable memory card in HP and how to fix the damaged SD card.

Memory card is not readable is a problem that often occurs by mobile users especially Android HP. To find how to fix a memory card that is not read in fact there is a lot of it, so you do not need to panic especially to insure your phone so as not to lose files in it because it is afraid if the microSD becomes error/corrupted. How to fix a memory card can be done through a computer/PC device or from the phone itself. But often when we try to use the PC, the memory card appears on the PC but can not be opened even sometimes the memory card is distorted/unreadable on the computer.

Virus or system error becomes several factors from the cause of HP Android can not read the SD card. When the SD card can not be read in Android HP will certainly make the user feel annoyed because it can not open all the files they have. Therefore here we will try to share information about the causes and solutions to overcome Android HP that can not read memory cards can also be applied to Samsung mobile users.

Memory card

Here are some solutions when our memory card does not appear on both PC and mobile phones.

1. Damage to mobile device

Damage that occurs to the phone such as excessive heat on the device, errors when removing/plugging the memory into the slot of the device can also be the cause of the memory card is not readable. It is likely caused by the phone system to the memory connection part does not run normally. To overcome this you need to check the electric current using multi tester Digital equipment and check the current Volt. In addition you can also change the SD card on other phones that are still good.

2. Memory Card Unlocked

When we give a security application on the memory card by giving a password but we forgot the password can cause our memory card to be locked. How to troubleshoot these locked memory cards by going to C: System/MMCstore. INI, then read the mmcstore. ini file by using Notepad or Notepad + + or it can also be with the MMCCpwd. SLS application.

3. System Errors

The main cause of unreadable memory is usually due to damage to the memory system (System error). It usually happens to memory cards that are not good quality. To solve such problems, you just need to take a memory card from your phone, then use a card reader to perform practical steps on the computer.
When the card reader is connected to the computer, backup the data we need on the computer in the new folder so that we don't get confused when searching for the data again. Next, format the memory card then once in the format you can move the files you have backed up earlier.

4. Memory card is not readable due to viral factors

The virus on the memory card can also make it unreadable. The memory card becomes unable to function normally when there are many viruses that continue to emerge on the micro SD of our handphone. To fix it naturally by installing a phone with an anti-virus application and make sure your antivirus is always updated.

Thus our article this time that commented on the cause of memory card error can not appear on Android HP. Hopefully after reading our post this time can cope with the damaged SD card for those of you who are experiencing this kind of disaster. Many and thank you..

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