5 Easy Ways to Fix an iPhone's Home Button that Doesn't Work

How do I fix the broken iphone home button? With the growing popularity of smartphones that use its sophistication on the touch screen, it is now that the smartphone's device will be less than the minimum of the keys on the device. On Android HP as well as smartphone products from Apple that we know with iPhone/iPad usually only have 3 buttons located one in front and on the right and left side each has a single button. Now we will be sure to press or squeeze the button with a very frequent frequency that is because the number of buttons on an iphone are the least. Therefore the three buttons will have a bigger broken probability, especially on the middle button which has a function as a Home button or a Menu button. Therefore here we will provide some solutions to overcome the home button ipad/iphone does not work.

Many of the causes that result in iPhone button error or damaged especially on the middle button that is the Home button or iphone menu button. Replacement of iphone button or using an application as a way of raising home button on iphone is a solution to solve the problem iphone/ipad. One of the factors that make the home button can not be used is too often squeeze so that the elemet or plate in it does not return or vice versa, do not want to go back and cause the iphone error button does not work because continuous squeeze directly without us realizing the button on the iPhone is corrupted.

On this Technoechokali post will help you who are finding problems with the iPhone Home button that doesn't work well, there are a few ways you can get to grips with the iphone's menu button. Recalibration the Home button on Your iPhone or iPad is one of the steps to resolve it. So check out our article below that will review on how to fix the iphone home button that is not working/damaged.


Here is how to solve the home button iphone does not work: 

1. Avoid too often use of home button on iPhone.

  • Every iphone user certainly has different habits in activating the iPhone and iPad. In activating the iPad lockscreen page There are several people who press the Home button. Our suggestion is to benefit from the power button at the top right to activate Your iPhone and iPad as the power button will be more resistant to pressure, as its design doesn't depend on a ribbon on the inside of the iPhone device. So if you can always use the Power button to activate Your iPhone or iPad.

2. Re-calibration

If the iPhone button is broken not physically physical (impact, falling, etc.) it is possible that only the settings or the level is changed, therefore the step we can do is to re-calibrate the button iPhone or ipad. 

How to fix Home iphone button is:

  1. First of all, open a built-in app like reminder, Notepad, music, or whatever. 
  2. Next press and hold the power button for approximately 4 seconds or until the Slide to power off menu appears. 
  3. Then release the power button and proceed with holding the Home button about 6 to 7 seconds until the option is lost. 
  4. If it is finished, then the application that you open will be automatically closed.

Iphone recalibration does not apply to iphone buttons that do not work due to physical influences such as dropping or falling down because if the damage is likely to be damaged is hardware or hardware and must be replaced recently.

But if it is necessary to do part replacement, you can still use the home button by bringing up the touch screen for home. The way to bring up the home button on your iphone using the full app is on the following way. 

3. Turn on assistive touch on iPhone.

IPhone smartphones have a feature known to any seasoned iPhone owner named Assistive Touch. This feature is actually one of the sections in Accessibility, designed by Apple for iPhone Mobile users who are having trouble using the iPhone. For example if Your iPhone is used by parents with poor eyesight. Turn on Assistive Touch to show the virtual Home and Siri buttons. This way, you can reduce the pressure felt by the Home button when you want to turn on Siri.

  • If the home button is not working, you can still use the assistive touch feature on iOs devices both iPhone, iPad and iPod. How to activate the iphone's assistive touch simply by going to Setting > > General > > Accessibility > > Assistive Touch. Activating this menu will bring up a transparent button on the screen. In this menu you can still use the function of home button as usual. 
  • The advantage of this feature is that the button can be moved on any side of the screen. 
  • But the lack of Assistive Touch is a transparent button that is constantly on the screen and cannot be hidden when not in use. 

4. Enable Multitasking Gestures on iPad

In certain cases, multitasking gestures can actually make the first person to use the iPad annoyed because the iPad's mistake likes to suddenly exit the app — like playing Fruit Ninja with 20 fingers. Use this feature with care and you'll experience iPad without touching the Home button though.

  • How to solve the home button iphone that can not be used next is to utilize the gesture function on the iphone. The way to activate Multitasking Gesture is in Settings» General. The way it works from the gesture function on the iphone is that you can exit the app simply by pinching the screen four or five fingers, to bring up the multitasking bar by swiping four or five fingers upwards and switching between applications with Shift four or five fingers left or right.

5. Install the function on Triple-click Home.

One of our best iPhone tips is to use triple-click to turn on and off Assistive Touch. The way in triple-click Use is simply by pressing the home button three times for the button to disappear. Press again three times to show Assistive Touch again.

  • You can enable the Triple-click Home setting under Settings» General» Accessibility at the bottom. Choose Assistive Touch from the available options.
  • But this time can damage the home button, too? Therefore we need to take an extra step by setting the Home button click speed so that it is not quickly broken.

Thus the easiest tips to fix iphone home button is not working. Hopefully our article this time can help the users iphone or ipad that the menu button is being error, many and thank you..

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