3 Apps to Find Lost HP

How do I find the missing hp if our mobile phone is stolen by people? Have you ever imagined the difficulty of tracking lost mobile phone because it is stolen or crashed but we do not realize it. Losing HP is a thing that is very heavy for us today because of all the affairs that we often keep in the phone. Photos, friends ' mobile numbers, important files are also sometimes included. However we can feel a little safer if our Android smartphone is missing, because of the many ways to track the lost Android HP. One of which we will discuss this time about the application to track the lost Android HP. 

The main problem is probably not because the lost Android smartphone is stolen but on the security of our data and privacy inside the hape. Actually there are many ways to find the location of the lost HP, such as find the position of the lost phone with GPS, track the existence of HP Android using the IMEI number or also use the missing application hp existing Google Play. Most importantly when we are searching/tracking the existence of a lost HP position, the phone you have registered in Google Mail.

Actually, all the data on our lost phone can be deleted/remote control so that the person who finds our HP does not know what is in it, with the GPS record and the Lacation Acess feature on the Android phone that is lost active. But instead of just deleting the data on the lost HP is better if we find the missing HP, using the best Android app to find the lost HP.

The best app to find a lost HP

1. Where's My Droid

Wheres My Droid is a useful app that lets you find and track the presence of your Android device. To use this app you have to install it first on Android. The Wheres My Droid app can be downloaded and received a positive rating on the Play Store proving that the app is indeed reliable to find a lost Android smartphone. The features the Where is My Droid app include:

  • Track smartphones with the help of GPS location
  • Tracks Android HP by ringing loudly
  • Notification of change of SIM card user

Illustration using this application wheres my droid as follows, when we forgot to put the Android phone in any place in a silent or silent then we just need to send a special SMS from another phone to our Android phone so that it can Emit a ringing sound. Other advantages we can adjust the ringer volume to your liking. We recommend setting it to the loudest volume to keep it from ringing even remotely.

2. Plan B

Another advantage that this app has is that we get a notification if the SIM card on the phone is replaced without our knowledge. What is not less important is a passcode that protects this app from unwanted changes.

This application can be downloaded for free and can be used for Android devices v 1.6 and above. We can also buy the Wheres My Droid PRO version which has additional features such as deleting files or personal data that is on your phone and MicroSD remotely.

3. Android Lost Free

One of the security apps that we highly recommend to install on your favorite Android device is Android Lost Free. Because the main function of this application is to provide convenience to us to rediscover our lost mobile phone, because it forgot to put in silent mode or indeed because there is a hand of ignorant steal our handphone.

Although the app is free, the app allows us to take pictures of the smartphone camera (front and back) and make our phone speak using text-to-speech. Once the SIM card is changed, the Buddy will be notified via email. This app can be used even after you have lost your smartphone or Android because of the remote and hidden installation features of the launcher to prevent Default installation.

Android Lost Free can also be used to locate a lost Android location. This app is available for free on the Google Play Store. The features that this app offers are also complete with the Whrere is My Droid app, which are:

  • Read sent and received SMS messages
  • Clear Android Data
  • Locking Android
  • Erase data on SD card
  • Find Android with the help of GPS
  • Can send SMS via Web network.

Thus our article this time that review third party on Android HP to find the missing HP. Although it is an application to track the lost HP, hopefully this can help you who are experiencing the accident lost your beloved mobile phone. Many and thank you..

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