How to Connect Kogan Action Camera to Android Phone

One of the action camera brands that are currently selling in Indonesia's Elektonic market is the product of a Kogan camera. By using the camera Kogan we will be given the ease of capturing the moment in each of our activities in the form of photos and videos. Kogan Action Cam already has many advantages in it, one of the features that become the advantage of this cam Kogan is can be connected via WiFi to Android smartphones. Nevertheless, many users Kogan action camera that hobby photography does not know how to settings to connect the WiFi camera Kogan on Android phones.

In addition to the action Cam Kogan not a few brand action cameras that are being searched today by selfie photo enthusiasts, one of those brands is Brica, Xiaomi Yi up to the GoPro action camera. From the action camera product we mentioned earlier, Kogan camera is a cheap action camera under 1 million. As with other action cameras, we can also connect Kogan camera to Android device with WiFi connectivity. Kogan action Camera has an interesting design on its appearance even though the camera Kogan has a cheap price.

Actually, to make Kogan camera or other action camera connect to HP Android is not difficult, to connect the camera action Kogan on Android phone enough with us already provide the application on the Android device that you want to connect. But there are still many novice users Kogan cameras do not understand how to connect the camera device action to Android HP. Therefore we TechnoEcho will share tips to solve the problem Kogan camera that can not connect to the smartphone.

How to set up and connect a Kogan Wifi camera to Android

In this tutorial at this time the action camera we used was a 16 MP Kogan with firmware version 20151203V 1.0. The first step to the preparation of this tutorial, make sure that the smartphone battery and the camera is filled before moving on to the WiFi usage stage. Then the microSD card we use should have enough space to take a picture or record a video. For Android smartphones in this tutorial, we use Samsung phones with Android OS 5.1 Lollipop.

The next step to be done to connect/connect the Kogan camera to Android phone, namely:

  1. The first step is to download and install the XDV app from Google Play on your Android phone.
  2. Then turn on your action camera Kogan.
  3. After the camera is live, press the WiFi button to the right and hold it for 3 seconds until the yellow WiFi icon appears on the camera screen indicating if the WiFi is active.
  4. Then you will be shown a WIFI information display that displays the WiFi ID and password that you must use in order to connect on your Android phone.
  5. The next step is to open the XDV app on your Android phone and let the app find the WiFi ID of the action cam that you have connected automatically.
  6. Once the application finds the Wifi ID, click the WiFi name then enter the WiFi password that has been found by the application XDV.
  7. Wait for a few seconds until the WiFi is connected.
  8. Then after appearing image from the eye of the camera Kogan on your Android phone lcd, it means you can already record or take photos from Android via Kogan camera.
  9. In order to set the WiFi connection of the Kogan camera to Android HP is successful, make sure you install the latest or updated XDV application.

Thus our article this time that has discussed about the problem of camera Kogan can not be connected WiFi on Android HP. Hopefully this article can provide benefits and can solve problems for those of you who are experiencing it. Many and thank you..

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